Our Mission

Voices in Life Sciences™ is dedicated to advancing clinical knowledge and to discovering new ways to improve training in the pharmaceutical industry. To accomplish this, we seek to provide a platform for skilled professionals to share their specialized knowledge so that it can be exposed to senior leaders in the industry and produced as best-in-class training for distribution worldwide.

You have the power to transform clinical trials. What will you contribute?

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Who we are

Voices in Life Sciences™ is powered by Trifecta, a global leader in innovative investigator training.

As award-winning producers, we create high-quality training programs in record time for the biggest names in the industry. We are a multi-disciplinary team of passionate entrepreneurs, tech gurus, learning experts, animators, and project managers with clinical expertise who enjoy solving complex problems and saving our customers time, money, and hassles.

Because we are passionate about improving clinical trials, we made the conscious decision to be a for-profit entity. Perhaps you were thinking that VLS is a non-profit. And we considered that. But our decades of experience have shown us that we have a greater chance of achieving our mission if we operate as a for-profit company. We want VLS to be self-sustaining and to avoid being a cost burden for the organizations with which we work. As a for-profit company, we can allow others to invest, we can accelerate movement, and we can increase exposure of the issues and solutions developed as part of our programs.

We promise to be transparent in how we operate and to adhere to the direction from our board of directors as they hold us accountable to our mission.

This venture is a bold attempt to solve an industry-wide problem. We know that our approach is a risk; however, we believe that thinking about a problem is no substitute for taking action. Without risks, you reap no rewards. And if VLS succeeds, it will benefit us all.

Our structure includes:

  • A board of directors
  • A panel of reviewers (selected for their proven expertise in the pharmaceutical industry)
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Production staff
  • Project managers

We welcome questions about our structure, philosophy, and mission at this email: info@voicesinlifesciences.com.