How to Create Clinical Training Courses

The Voices in Life Sciences™ training discovery program is for people who possess deep insights about a specific aspect of clinical trials. You don’t need to be a learning expert. (That’s our job.) To help you craft the best possible training submission, we are offering free clinical training webinars (dates below), and best practices for on-demand training from the experts at VLS.

Tips for Developing Outstanding Training Submissions

  • Great training starts with a great story.
    Consider your experience. What have you done or learned that is unique? (For this program, we are seeking specific content—information you could not find anywhere else.)
  • Outline what you want to say and the points you wish to make.
    It often helps to speak out loud. Re-arrange and rework until it’s top notch. This outline can become the shell of your course content.
  • Each slide should be substantive without being overwhelming, with clear bullet points and descriptions.
    A general rule is to use no more than 5 to 7 bullet points. Try to keep each slide to a single topic. If you’re down to 10-point font and can’t easily skim the page for themes, you’ve included too much information.
  • Create a great title.
    Limit it to 75 characters.
  • Include real-world examples.
    Bringing in case studies, stories, and conversations will help the learner to better grasp and retain the information.
  • Include a summary of the course up front.
    Tell learners in 250 words or less what they can expect to learn. It’s often best to create the summary after you have created the course.
  • Include a summary of key learnings at the end.
    Reinforce what you’ve said throughout the presentation.
  • Include a script or narrative explanation of the material.
    This is what you would say if you were presenting the course to an audience. Cite slide numbers to make it as clear as possible.
  • Include ideas for graphics if you like.
    This is optional. We are seeking your knowledge, not your Adobe Illustrator skills.